PROGRAMS LISTED BELOW ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (location does not matter ~ if you have internet we can Skype)


Small Gallery Group Session - (Maximum of 10)

Being in a small group environment can be very beneficial, not only for those that receive communication from their loved ones but also by experiencing reactions through others during their communications. The Workshops generally last about 2 hours.

Cost $65 Per Person
Group Date:

Private Session
(Now private sessions can be facilitated by phone or via webcam
through skype) 

These  sessions have been very successful and work just as well as a face-to-face reading. The spirit world is a dimension that communicates with thoughts and emotions, therefore when you think and pray for your loved one they feel it. With this same strategy the medium and sitter do not have to be in the same room to experience communication.

Confirmation Letter Will Supply You With A Call In Number:

Cost: $250


Session Date:


Private Group Of Two   

Two people wishing to attend together.  This program was created for those who would rather meet face to face than over the telephone.

Cost: $400

Group Date:




  • Contact Lisa by email or 856-439-6475 to schedule your appointment. Please indicate what your preference is weekend afternoon or weekday evening
  • A confirmation email will be sent confirming your appointment
  • Register online above through secure paypal or by mail using this FORM. (Print the form and mail according to the instructions)
  • Refund available up to 5 business days prior to your scheduled session