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About Me

"It gives me great pleasure to know that these programs give so many the solace and comfort they deserve. Through Extreme Communication we are continuously proving that our loved ones live on, and that our soul never dies" - Lisa

As a child, Lisa had many unexplained experiences. These occurrences were exciting, but left her searching for answers. In her teens, she developed a connection to spirit guidance and understood that life continues on.  Lisa’s journey was one of finding the delicate balance between working in corporate America and providing spiritual service all while tending to her family. Looking back, it is clear that her journey is her school and spirit is her teacher.


Lisa channels and teaches internationally to  bring public awareness to the symbolic language of the soul while providing healing and comfort through her books, sessions and events.


Live Discussions, Podcasts & More!


Lisa & Michele 

explore energy through mediumship, psychic ability, reiki, crystals and more....

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