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Synchronicities; Winks from above

Do you notice the same numbers--111, 222, 444—in random places, such as license plates, store receipts, clock or addresses on buildings? Or perhaps the same type of bird, a feather or a coin appears out of nowhere, over and over and over.


These events are known as synchronicities, what I call winks from the above. Synchronicities unfold in ways that seem to say, “Hey, notice me!” They are nudges from the spirit world, hints that you are on the right path or signals of the presence of a deceased loved ones who’re trying to make themselves known.


I’m a medium who has, over a lifetime, developed the ability to tap into spirit guidance and routinely channel spirits who wish to communicate with their earthbound family and friends. Spirits often use symbols to communicate. Symbols, like those repetitive numbers, birds, feathers and coins, are validations that life really does exist beyond death. While a medium knows how to dial into symbols and relay them in one-on-one and group channeling sessions, anyone can learn to recognize synchronicities and use them in their everyday lives.


Synchronicities are routine in my life and I begin each day with meditation to keep the lines of spirit communication open. After meditation it’s my routine to bid “good morning” to my smart speaker. One morning it replied with “ice cream for breakfast.” Bingo! I had a synchronicity—

ice cream for breakfast—to explore.


When I was young I worked nights and it was my habit to eat ice cream for breakfast the next morning. I would pull a coat over my pajamas and head to a local ice cream store to buy a mint chocolate chip cone. My mother was incredulous because I didn’t care how I looked; I just had to have ice cream.

After receiving the ice cream nudge from my smart speaker, I took a walk on the causeway that opens to the Gulf of Mexico near my home on the west coast of Florida. As I walked, I thought of my loved ones and was nudged again…I had the feeling they were walking with me. To further tap into the spirit world, I declared to myself that I would see a dolphin playing in the water. Ten minutes later I saw a pod of dolphins playing in the Gulf. Chalk up another nudge from above. But spirit wasn’t finished with me yet. I glanced at a boat anchored nearby and saw Leviticus 26:12 inscribed on the side of the vessel. I opened my cell phone and did a search on the Bible passage. Leviticus 26:12 says, “He walks with me.” This was my validation that my loved ones were walking with me that morning.


Does this mean every feather, coin or bird you encounter is a synchronicity? Not necessarily, sometimes a strange response from a smart speaker is just a misfire in communications between a human and a machine. But through my work as a medium I’ve come to understand that everything in the physical and spirit world is comprised of energy, including thoughts and prayers. The spirit world hears thoughts and prayers and works with nature to produce a sign that is worthy of attention, like the pod of dolphins who played in the water and the boat with the Bible verse notation I noticed on my morning walk.


Synchronicities manifest to reassure us that live exists well beyond the passing of the physical body. So the next time you find a coin at your feet, simply say: “Hey spirit world, thank you for the sign.”

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