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Channeling  Sessions

By Appointment Only - Location Does Not Matter

Make the Most of Your Session

The spirit world is a dimension that communicates with thoughts and emotions, therefore when you think and pray for your loved one they feel it. With this same strategy the medium and sitter do not have to be in the same room to experience communication.  Currently we meet through Zoom.  

Please Note: Everyone of any age is welcome. (Children should be accompanied by a parent and be of an appropriate age to understand and be comfortable with the concepts presented).

Record the Session

There is a lot of information that comes through from loved ones or people you knew that have passed. Sometimes your mind goes blank or you can’t think at that specific time to identify who it is that is trying to communicate with you.  Lisa will record the session but you are also allowed to bring an audio recorder. This will allow you to revisit the communication again at a later time and possibly validate what was told to you.  Energy on the Other Side has no sense of time. Things that are told to you that day might not happen for a week, a month or even a year. 

Family Tree

You could have ancestors or even friends of the family that you never knew try to communicate with you. It’s also a good idea to know your Family Tree. It’s not necessary for you to have met the deceased in order for them to know you and/or communicate with you. Just by having knowledge of them, will help you understand who is “coming through” and trying to communicate with you.

Keep an Open Mind

When a spirit communicates it is at a very high frequency. Think of it as talking into a fan that is in the ON position. Sometimes names are difficult to identify. Many times I will get the “sounds like” or an initial of a name (first, last, middle, or nickname).

Don't Get Hung Up on a Name

Example #1: I was getting a name that began with the letter “M” like Misty. The person I was speaking to did not own up to it, so the energy left. Come to find out that this person’s email address was “Mistee”!

Example #2: Reader was getting the name of Al. He was a grandfather figure who has been around and is saying there is an illness in the family. Says there are 3 in the family and one had cancer. The “sitter” had a blank look on her face and was stressing that her grandfather’s name was not Al. A friend of the sitter interjected and said “No, but you have 3 children and one of them just had cervical cancer!” The sitter responded “Oh yes, it’s my mother’s father. I never knew him, so I did not think it was him! His first name is Robert, but his last name was Albertson!

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