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Can Pets Hear Us?

Lisa Miliaresis, Psychic Medium has had the pleasure to receive communication from many pets during her sessions. Pets are beautiful souls and hear our thoughts and prayers.  Prayer is healing not just for us but for the soul on the other side. 

My friend, Diane, called very upset because their family pet rat “Butterscotch” took ill and passed away.  She was saddened to lose their pet but even more upset when her son, Matt was beside himself.  Diane tried to do her best to console him, explaining to Matt that even though Butterscotch is no longer with us, she is still with us in spirit and can hear our prayers.

I suggested they try an exercise to help him cope with the loss of his furry friend, Butterscotch (also referred to as Butters).  The exercise was to be done  when they say their bedtime prayers, have Matt request that Butters give him a sign so he knew she was okay.


Matt did speak to Butters through prayer and requested that she come to him in a way that only he would know it was her. (We had no idea of what that “way” would be!)

That weekend, Diane was upstairs on her computer while Matt was on his Xbox Live ( an online gaming system).  She heard some noise coming from downstairs, and asked Matt“ what is that I’m hearing”? He replied, “Sounds like it my iPod playing”. Diane replied “it’s probably Butters” and chuckled! (side note: the iPod had been sitting on the end table and untouched/unused for several days, ).

At that point, Diane  decided to go downstairs and turn the iPod off. When she got downstairs, the iPod had already stopped! She picked up the iPod and noticed it was already in the OFF/Lock position! How did the iPod turn on?  This made her smile, as she knew this was truly Matt’s sign from Butters!  Diane  went back upstairs and shared this exciting information with Matt, explaining this must have been Butters giving him a sign!  Matt smiled.

Diane continued her work on the computer as Matt played his Xbox Live. Matt then said, “Mom, look!” (He pointed to his TV which playing his Xbox Live) BUTTERS 1996 just logged onto the system to play!

First Matt’s iPod; then his Xbox Live! This is one clever rat! Just as Matt asked in his prayers, she had given him a sign that was personal to him… letting him know that she was okay… Butters knew how to make Matt feel special.

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