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There Is Life After Death

Have you ever wanted to experience an after death communication?

Have you ever wanted to know if those who have passed on can hear us?



Lisa Miliaresis
Medium & Author

Psychic medium and author, channels and teaches internationally, bringing public awareness to the symbolic language of the soul.



Group & Private Sessions

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I just wanted to thank you for all your help - my experience with you was wonderful.  I will remember the evening for a long time to come and it has inspired me to go on and live out my life positively no matter how difficult it seems at the time.



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It was amazing how well the Skype technology replicated the personal feeling of our original session with you. It really felt like we were sharing the same space.  Sitting in my bedroom, in complete comfort, surrounded by pictures of our loved ones, also helped me to relax and absorb more of what you were saying and channeling.


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Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a connection with my father. Your communication was very accurate and moving. Expressing his thanks for the memories of our recent Disney vacation was touching.  It was his favorite place to go with the whole family.


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